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Shenzhen Casta Leather Co., Ltd.
Fabricante personalizado
Productos principales:Caja Faraday, cubierta de pasaporte de sublimación, cuaderno de sublimación, pinza de pelo de sublimación, llavero de sublimación
Total floorspace (1,000㎡)Competitive OEM factoryAnnual sales US $1,070,000Years in industry(11)

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Laserable Leatherette Blank


Laserable Leatherette offers the look and feel

of genuine leather at a fraction of the price.

This richly textured,syntheticmaterial

is water resistant,easy to clean and durable

enough for the rigors of daily use.

The high quality workmanship of each

leatherette piece is sure to impress

every recipient with its elegant individuality